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Rose Quartz - History and Properties


Rose Quartz




Rose quartz, a macrocrystalline, pale-pink to rose-red quartz variety, has been used as a semi-precious and protective stone thousand years ago, especially by the Assyrians, Egyptians and the Romans in carvings, jewelry, beads and seals among its other uses.


Rose quartz usually comes in semi-transparent and more rarely in clear transparent form.



Healing Properties - Metaphysical


Rose quartz is the stone of love and peace. It cleanses and opens the heart in all levels and helps in curing emotional injuries and loving ourselves. Rose quartz eliminates negative energy, replacing it with vibes of love. By accepting and loving ourselves, we accept that we deserve to be loved as well, making ourselves more open to get love.


Rose quartz is also beneficial for the middle-age crisis and increases the ability to discern the beauty in all its aspects.



Healing Properties - Physical


Rose quartz strengthens the heart and the circulatory system. It is beneficial for the chest and the lungs when placed on the gland, while it cures the kidneys, eases nausea and smooths the skin. It is also believed that rose quartz stimulates fertility.





Rose quartz is associated with the Heart chakra.



Astrological Sign


Rose quartz is associated with the Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Gemini, Sagittarius and Cancer signs.




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