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Lapis Lazuli - History and Properties

  Lapis Lazuli






Its name derives from the Iranian word lazhuward, meaning sky blue and the Latin word lapis, meaning stone.

Lapis lazuli is known and used for more than 7.000 years. Small decorative pieces, talismans, bowls, seals and jewels are among the ancient pieces that have been found in excavations.  In some cultures it was considered as a sacred stone, while in the Middle East it was believed that it had magical powers. It is also the source of the pigment called ultramarine.

Lapis lazuli, is considered to be a relatively rare gemstone, highly appreciated for its rich blue colour that originates mainly from one of its ingredients, lazurite.



Healing Properties - Metaphysical


Lapis lazuli is a strong protective stone against psychic attacks. It opens the third eye. It enhances illumination and spiritual strength , while  it eases spiritual trips. It relieves from stress, bringing a deep, serene feeling.

It brings harmony balancing  the material, sentimental, spiritual and psychic levels, eliminating depression and helping us find the right target and take our life into our own hands. It also enhances creativity and helps us find the truth and accept its meanings.



Healing Properties - Physical


Lapis lazuli eases from pains, mainly the one caused by migraines and severe headaches. It helps in overcoming depression while it is beneficial to the respiratory, immune  and nervous systems, to the throat, larynx and thyroid.





Lapis Lazuli  is associated with the Third Eye chakra.



Astrological Sign


Lapis Lazuli  is associated with the Virgo sign.





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