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Jasper - History and Properties





Jasper gets its name from the Greek word “iaspis” given to this gemstone, meaning “spotted stone”.

Jasper has been used as a semi-precious stone from ancient times, for making seals and signet rings, statuettes and other sculpted objects.  According to an ancient legend, jasper was the mother of all stones. It was believed that it protects from vertigo and ghosts.





Jasper is an impure, opaque quartz variety, that comes in a rich variety of colours, mostly in red, brownish-red, yellow, green, green, purple among others.

It gets its interesting patterns and colours from the minerals and the oxides that it contains.



Healing Properties - Metaphysical


Jasper is known as the “Great Crammer”. Nourishes and supports in periods of stress and brings tranquillity.

Jasper gives determination in every search. It gives us the courage to confront our problems with self-confidence. It supports us when the conflict becomes necessary. Helps the quick thinking and promotes the organizational abilities.



Healing Properties - Physical


Jasper supports the circulatory system and the peptic and sexual organs, and it cures gynecological problems. It balances the content of mineral in the body. Supports during a long lasting illness or hospitalization and refreshes the body.





Jasper is associated with the Base chakra.



Astrological Sign


Jasper is associated with the Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces signs.




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