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Goddess Aphrodite & Asclepius Ancient Tetradrachm Coin - Short History


Goddess Aphrodite & Asclepius Silver Tetradrachm Coin


A very rare coin, minted in the Kos island in Greece, around 166-88 BC.


On the front side goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty is depicted, crowned with myrtle leaves, hair lifted with some braids falling on her shoulders.  
On the back side, it’s god Asclepius, the god of medicine, health and healing that’s depicted.


The reason both gods are depicted on the coin may be on one hand that both were worshipped in Kos island, and on the other hand that as Asclepius offers all the benefits of health to people, gives them as a result as well the gift of beauty.


So, the depiction of both gods on the same coin emphasizes the continuity of the cult of Aphrodite at a time where the cult of Asclepius is sovereign.




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