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CultureTaste About Us


Items of usage, items for display, created by natural materials, inspired from traditions from all around the world and elaborated with traditional or innovative techniques, in either traditional or contemporary designs.

Items that bring a breath, a smell, a touch of our natural environment into our homes.

Items that we use everyday or items that surround us, that create a stronger bond with Mother Earth, with our roots, that open windows to memories, that give inspiration to our days, that contribute to our well-being.


That’s our philosophy in choosing materials and making these pieces for you and for your beloved ones... to bring this little bit of magic into our homes, into our lives, into our souls.


Komboloi or worry beads in various materials, prayer beads, masbaha, tasbih, begleri, energy healing beads,  vintage, collectible or everyday-use pieces and jewelry pieces, reproductions or inspired by ancient and medieval civilizations are the pieces that we are proposing to you.


All our items are selected with care and are presented with an accurate and detailed description, so that what you get is what you see.


We really hope that you’ll enjoy your acquisitions for many years and that you won’t consider them as just a purchase, but as pieces of the worldwide culture’s heritage.


We are always here to reply to your questions about the items you find in this site, or to discuss your ideas about customized items, and we are always open to your suggestions and comments, for every order - from one piece to wholesale orders. 
Chris and Maria
Registered Address:
11 Elpidos str,
16672, Athens, Greece

Tel: +30 697 44 99 131