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Begleri - Short Worry Beads - A short introduction





begleri beads CultureTaste



Begleri - Short & Open Worry Beads - Komboloi



Use and compositions with beads have never ceased to evolve. While the religious use of beads in Buddhist mala, Christian rosaries and Muslim prayer beads imposes strict rules for their design, when beads are used as fidgets, they can come in many variations and designs.


Such a variation is the Greek begleri. Begleri evolved from the Greek worry beads-komboloi. While komboloi has a closed, circular shape as both ends of the string are knotted together and usually has an odd number of beads (starting usually from 15 till 33 beads on each strand), begleri is always in an open end form, originating probably from the Slavic straight variation of prayer beads used for the novices.


Begleri may have 2 single beads - or 4, 6 or whatever number of beads even or odd - strung on a simple cord, with or without any other decorative elements. Common materials for begleri are usually resistant materials, as begleri playing is usually more tough than the komboloi playing.


But as this fidget becomes more and more popular - especially among young people and women - designs tend to become more complicated and use of semi-precious stones is welcome.   Even use of fragile and valuable materials, like amber tend to be requested, as on one hand there are much more gentle ways to play a begleri, and on the other hand, one can have a smaller and more discreet toy-stress reliever at a lower cost even in a valuable material.




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