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Aventurine - History and Properties







Aventurine is a translucent to opaque quartz variety, usually found in a variety of green shades. The name aventurine derives from the "a ventura" (by chance) discovery of this gemstone.


Aventurine has been worldwide recognized as a valuable semi-precious stone, due to its healing properties. It was very popular in ancient China and it was used as talisman to bring happiness and mental clarity.



Healing Properties - Metaphysical


Green Aventurine is believed to be a lucky stone in risky situations, while it brings not only luck but prosperity as well to the carrier.


Aventurine adsorbs the electromagnetic smog and reverses the negative situations. It stimulates determination and helps in tracking back the roots of a disease. It boosts perception and creativity and helps us in managing our anger and live by listening to our heart.



Healing Properties - Physical


Aventurine stimulates the feeling of well-being. It is beneficial to the thymus gland and the nervous system, while it controls blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing this way heart attacks.





Aventurine is associated with the Heart chakra.



Astrological Sign


Aventurine is associated with the Cancer, Aries, Pisces, Gemini and Taurus signs.




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