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Ancient coins history - Nike and Poseidon - Macedonian Silver Tetradrachm


Nike and Poseidon - Macedonian Silver Tetradrachm


A silver tetradrachm minted under the reign of Demetrius I Poliorketes king of Macedonia from 294 to 288 BC.


On the obverse, there is a depiction of Goddess Nike standing on the prow of a trireme, blowing trumpet and holding stylis in left hand.
On the reverse, there is a depiction of God Poseidon, a chlamys wrapped around his left hand and holding a trident with his right hand. Inscription reads: “VASILEOS DIMITRIOU” in Greek fonts, meaning “of King Demetrius”


Demetrius was a Macedonian general who became king of Macedonia from 294 to 288 BC. The epithet “Poliorketes” (besieger of cities) has been given to him after his siege of Salamina in Cyprus and of Rhodes.
During his battles, Demetrius used the most advanced technology of his era. He liberated the city of Athens from tyrant Cassander, he was venerated by Athenians as a liberator and was considered as god’s Poseidon son as praise for his naval competence.




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