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Ancient Greek Amphipolis Tetradrachm Coin with Apollo


Ancient Greek Amphipolis Tetradrachm Coin with Apollo


Amphipolis, a city near the Strymon river, was founded by the city of Athens in 437 BC at the place of the older Thracian city of Ennea Odoi (Nine Roads). While the initial purpose for the foundation of the city was the control of the nearby gold and silver mines of Pangaion hills and the power offered by its strategic importance, with time Amphipolis became a wealthy and strong city. 


During the Peloponnesian wars, the city had been conquered by the Spartans, to be conquered again in 357 BC by Philip II, the Macedonian king, father of Alexander the Great.
After Alexander’s death, his wife, Roxane has been settled in Amphipolis, and it appears that Amphipolis became one of the residences of the Macedonian royal families.  


Coins minted before Amphipolis was conquered by the Athenians depict the sphinx, while in later coins, especially after the city had been incorporated into the Macedonian kingdom, the sphinx is replaced by other symbols such as the torch, the tripod, the bees or the dolphin.  


The specific coin depicts on the obverse side the head of god Apollo wearing a laurel wreath. On the reverse, inside an incuse square, there is torch and the AMPHIPOLITON inscription.




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