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Ancient Coins History - Phaistos Crete Silver Stater – Talos and Bull



Phaistos Crete Silver Stater – Talos and Bull


The Phaistos Silver Stater has been minted in Phaistos-Crete around 300-270 BC.

On the obverse side of the coin, giant Talos naked with his wings spread is standing, ready to throw a rock. Inscription reads: TALON in Greek fonts. On the reverse side of the coin a bull and the inscription PHAISTION in Greek fonts.


According the Greek mythology, Zeus in his efforts to attract beautiful Europa transformed himself into a white bull – so tamed that Europa climbed on his back. The bull with Europa on his back swam till the island of Crete.

Zeus depicted as a bull is a frequent representation on coins minted in Phaistos.


Talos, a winged giant made of bronze, was a gift of Zeus to Europa. His mission was to protect Europa and consequently Crete, while she was in Crete by throwing rocks against approaching ships.




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